Since 1987, we have served and continue to serve a broad portfolio of clients. They range from municipalities in California, Florida, Minnesota, Montana, and Oregon, to private corporations in California, Minnesota, Ohio, and abroad. Clients come to us when they require assistance in dealing with the US federal government. We help clients secure federal funds, win contracts, amend legislation, adjust regulations, and build powerful coalitions in Washington, DC.

Our current client list is as follows:


  • City of Beverly Hills
  • City of Burbank
  • City of Calimesa
  • City of Chino
  • City of Imperial
  • City of Monrovia
  • City of Montclair
  • City of Ontario
  • City of Placerville
  • City of Redondo Beach
  • City of Rialto
  • City of Stockton
  • City of Temecula
  • City of Yucaipa
  • Ontario International Airport Authority
  • Los Angeles Interagency Communication Interoperability System
  • Riverside Transit Authority


  • City of Saint Cloud
  • Saint Cloud Area Planning Organization
  • Saint John’s University
  • Sherburne County
  • Stearns County
  • Willmar Municipal Utilities


  • Gerald R. Ford International Airport


  • Fallon County


  • RFD Beaufort
  • Survitec