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David Turch and Associates is an experienced, successful government relations firm.  Since 1987 we have provided comprehensive strategic planning, legislative goal setting and political analysis.  Our clients include corporations, municipal governments, joint power authorities and other public service entities across the United States.

We maintain close relationships with those we represent.  Every client knows us personally.  We make frequent visits.  We listen.  We work hard to understand our client’s needs.

We work in close consultation with you to develop the strategies and implement plans to meet your goals and objectives.  As we do our other clients, we provide you with:

·        Advice and assistance in the development and implementation of political policy strategies.

·        Insights on current and emerging issues on a proactive basis.

·        Guidance for effective and timely action through the complex federal legislative and regulatory processes.

·        Timely reports and analysis on bills, rules and regulations and public policy issues.

We succeed through teamwork.  David Turch and Associates values the role everyone on the team plays.  Working closely both with our clients and the decision-makers in Washington brings success.

We build teams across organizations.  For our public clients, we combine the efforts of local government associations, states, counties, economic development agencies, transportation commissions, water and flood control boards, etc, to give our clients a winning edge.

We build teams across state lines.  Many of our clients are from the West Coast and Midwest.  Some of our client’s programs are funded because we have formed coalitions between various congressional delegations from different states and regions.

We build teams across party lines.  David Turch and Associates has a strong working relationship with many members from both political parties in the House and the Senate.  We work closely with senior decision-makers, congressional and committee staff in a bi-partisan way to advance our client’s position. 

An important part of congressional liaison is simply being there.  We walk the halls of Congress daily, talking with Members and their staffs to understand the latest developments.  Our physical location in a historic district adjacent to the Senate on Capitol Hill provides immediate access.

David Turch and Associates is well grounded in the process of government as well as the people elected to govern.  More than our personal relationships with Members, we understand how, when and where the laws are written. 

When you choose David Turch and Associates, you get a team of experts dedicated to fulfilling your needs.  We are respected for our integrity, honesty, and hard work in representing our clients.  Moreover, we are respected for our outstanding record of achievements.

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